Consulting as a team.
Metis, wise counsellor to Zeus. Possessing wisdom, skill and craft.

The vision to make dreams work.

Our firm provides Business Consulting, Digital Marketing and Creative Services to address your most crucial business priorities.

A business is more than a job, its your dream - protect it. We solve problems, present ideas, develop solutions to overcome obstacles and measure results so you achieve that dream.

Measure Results, Achieve Dreams

Consulting as a team

Operate as one firm, giving each other support and coaching

Consultants adhere to the Standards, Values and Practices of the Firm. Continually work towards building meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients. Our agents put the clients' interest above their own interest and deliver more value than you expect.

Our consulting model produces a synergy that allows clients to benefit from all the firms knowledge. Each focus is contained within the firm.

Marketing & Design
Content, Copy & Editing
Programming & Development
Management, Accounting & Finance
Jacob Cane & Co Consulting as a team

Our History

A creative start.

'Jacob Cane' was originally used as a pseudonym for artwork created by our founder more than 25 years ago. Seeing some success as an artist, the name continued to be used and was first registered as a business name in 1995 as Jacob Cane Design.

Starting off as a freelance graphic artist and web developer, the challenges of self-employment were quickly learned through the course of business. As many other self-employed persons often realize, to be successful it was necessary to create a business structure and strategy that was more than billable hours spent on a project.

To be successful the freelance model had to give way to the consulting and service model needed to build lasting relationships with our clients and truly service them as a whole, thus the firm was developed and named Jacob Cane & Co.

Using this model, the client is put at the center and we look at the business as a whole and how we can make it successful or run more efficient, not just work on the piece we were freelanced to complete.

Our passion, obsession even, is to make business owners realize their dreams. It's part of the American dream, set out to create and build something from nothing!

The vision to make dreams work.


Our Team

Jared C. Fagan

Jared C. Fagan

Principal Consultant and President

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Jared C. Fagan

Trent Terry

Business Consultant

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About Jared

Jared was born in Lafayette Indiana. He attended Purdue University in 1997. Since he can remember it has been a dream to own a business and help others achieve the same goal. He founded Jacob Cane & Co in 1995 to provided the absolute best marketing and consulting solutions available to his clients.

In his free time, Jared enjoys reading, painting, playing racquetball and growing strawberries!

Curriculum Vitae

Marketing Consultant, President and founder of Jacob Cane & Co.

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 1995-1997.

School of Technology, Technical Graphics Communications.

Founded Jacob Cane & Co., Indiana Corporation, 1995 - Marketing & Consulting firm.

Founded Capital Options Inc., 2005 - Financial and Business Services Corporation

Co-Founded a Real Estate Brokerage firm, 2006 - Real Estate Investment and Brokerage services

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage, Indiana 2006

Studied Business economics and formation, 2006, Sutton, Graham, Kiyosaki, Morris, McQuown

Studied Governmental history, 2007, Shlaes, Carr,

Studied Business history, 2008, Chernow, Mellon

Co-Founded Lafayette Busienss Networking LLC., 2008 - Local business networking and community outreach group.

Co-Founded Citizens In Action LLC., 2007 - Community organization and education.

Professional Marketing Consulting Summary

Market Penetration: Developing a model that moves an entity from a monolog to a dialogue with the customer is now required.  Disseminating information is no longer effective by itself; customers demand interaction to achieve brand loyalty.

Brand Management: Focusing on a consistent brand message across all forms of media is key to establishing and managing a successful brand.  The objective being to build an impenetrable moat around an entity using the brand thus creating competitive advantage.

Initiatives and Main Contributions

Founded Jacob Cane & Co.

Served as President and Chairmen of the Board from 1995 to present.

Business model - Created a unique business model for the foundation of a marketing firm that focuses on client success as the means of obtaining future business.

Combined three central services as divisions of the company: Marketing, Design and Consulting.  Thus allowing the client to have the means of managing they're marketing needs from one source.

Created structure and systemized our approach to problem-solving.

Developed, "Measure results, Achieve dreams". ® Which has become the core of our company and our thinking.

Developed, "Amplified and Validated Marketing" ® (AVM).  The theory put into practice, a consistent brand message used across all media simultaneously produces a lasting and favorable impression on the target audience.

Developed, Custom Graphics, Company standards

Innovation and Standards, Web Development

Innovation and Standards, Analysis, Strategy, Planning & Growth consulting studies.

QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor

About Trent

Trent graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor in Industrial Management 2002 and received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2005.

QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor
Aviation – Licensed Private Pilot
Chamber Council Member, Greater Lafayette Commerce Lafayette, IN
Member of Youth Entrepreneurship committee
Loaned Campaign Representative, United Way Lafayette IN
Write articles for the Disaster Action Team newsletter
Grant Review Panelist, Tippecanoe Arts Federation

Small Business of the Month Award Winner, Greater Lafayette Commerce, May 2019
Top 40 Under 40 Award Winner, Tippy Connect Lafayette, IN

Curriculum Vitae

Business Consultant, Jacob Cane & Co.

Owner/CEO, Therapy Solutions Lafayette, IN – February 2014 – Present

  • Oversaw all aspects of company startup
  • Execute all accounting, payroll, HR and reporting duties
  • Develop and monitor plan to ensure the company is meeting all metrics and growth goals
  • Negotiate employment contracts with therapists as well as placement contracts with school corporations
  • Heavily involved in day-to-day operations of the company
Owner/Area Developer/CEO, Wings Etc. West Lafayette, Lafayette, Kokomo, IN – October 2010 – September 2017
  • Oversaw site selection, construction, accounting and opening of all four locations
  • Served as District Manager, directly supervising all store general managers
  • Managed vendors, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, reporting and all other financial aspects using Quickbooks and in-house accounting software
  • Increased sales from $1M in 2010 to over $5M in 2017
Development Director, Ivy Tech Community College Lafayette, IN – June 2009 – May 2014
  • Duties split between Ivy Tech Community College and Greater Lafayette Commerce
  • Composed and submitted grants on behalf of Ivy Tech faculty and community members
  • Served as the financial chair of the Intersection Connection project that helped construct the new YMCA
  • Developed new alumni program that resulted in increased giving and participation
Project Management Consultant, Huron Consulting Group Chicago, IL – May 2005 – June 2009
  • Delivered consulting services for healthcare and financial institutions including the University of Vermont, Medstar Health Systems, Children's National Medical Center, Cedars Sinai Hospital and Mayo Clinic.
  • Developed and implemented policies for organizational management, grants accounting, office management, cash management, organizational training, interim staffing and financial planning.
University of Vermont Burlington, VT – 2008 – 2008
  • Led data cleansing and conversion to PeopleSoft, resulting in $1M in expense recapture
  • Designed and implemented enhanced cash management, saving firm $5M in lost revenue annually
  • Improved financial position of firm by 40% by executing PeopleSoft AR and billing module that identified a large amount of potential revenue
  • Reconciled multiple accounts to achieve federal compliance, saving $10M in recurring revenue
  • Developed and trained a startup cash management department consisting of 20 employees
Medstar Health Systems Washington D.C. 2007 – 2008
  • Acted as interim CFO for five months and served as a member of CFO selection committee
  • Implemented changes to accounting system resulting in the collection of $7M in previously unknown accounts receivable
Children's National Medical Center Washington D.C. 2006 – 2007
  • Corrected out-of-compliance accounts, resulting in a clean audit
  • Collected over $10M in outstanding accounts as a result of effective negotiations with sponsors
Cedars Sinai Hospital Los Angeles, CA 2006 – 2006
  • Collaborated in a reporting audit and compliance review to implement a new reporting system
  • Successfully developed and trained staff on governmental compliance issues
Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN 2005 – 2006
  • Analyzed and managed corrections in over 100 non-compliant grants, saving over $15M in lost revenue
  • Modified outdated compliance policies and initiated training of staff members to successfully reduce numbers of compliance issues

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Jacob Cane & Co.


The vision to make dreams work.