Think with Google has finished a new study that revealed some interesting finding regarding customers search patterns and how it applies to sales funnels.  Key take away, the digitally driven customer journey is no longer a straight path.

Looking for the last brand standing

Proper brand management stands out as an important part of the customer’s decision-making process.  Sometimes a person lands on one or a few brands quickly, and the key is to see which one holds up to obsessive rounds of research.  Just when it looks like a customer is ready to purchase, they turn to Google Search and YouTube to find reviews, watch product tests, and determine whether his first-choice brand meets specific criteria. If one brand can stay on the radar while searching across multiple platforms, ultimately this brand wins the sale.

Key takeaways

Stop marketing to the average:

Be useful. People respond to brands that understand their needs. So, it’s important to optimize your media for both relevance to the consumer and lifetime value for the brand. Some customers spend more — a lot more — and many customers spend less. Understanding that can mean the difference between paying to acquire profitable customers and paying to acquire the customers your competition didn’t want.

Automate everything:

Be quick. To succeed, brands must deliver experiences that are fast and frictionless. It’s time to invest in mobile experiences as well as a machine learning and automation strategy.  It can help you find missed or unexpected connections between business goals and the habits of your key customer segments.

Align marketing to business outcomes:

Be there. People now expect to be assisted everywhere. And that means it’s critical that you’re measuring and understanding the impact of your media touchpoints on the consumer journey. Look past impressions, clicks, and online conversions and connect your media to revenue, gross margin, and profits. Have an Active marketing team that understands the intent, interactions, and signals that are driving long-term growth.

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