Become a consultant.
Metis, wise counsellor to Zeus. Possessing wisdom, skill and craft.
Embodiment of prudence; discipline oneself by the use of reason.

Current positions available:


We are currently hiring consultants with knowledge in creative management, marketing, programming and business accounting and finance with a strong background in sales.

Agent shall act as a consultant promoting and selling the services of the firm to our existing and prospective clients.  Agent will perform marketing, design and consulting services for our clients, provide clients with advice and solutions to business concerns within the standards and guidelines set forth by the firm as well as produce studies and work on engagements as contracted by clients, build lasting and meaningful relationships with clients, which leads to and generates future engagements and possesses desired skills described below (choosing a field of focus as a consultant):

►  Marketing & Design focused: Create print, media, online and graphic pieces as contracted by the clients.  Use inbound marketing, content marketing, social media and all means available to promote the client's business, products and services in accordance with the firm's guidelines and the bounds of the engagements as contracted.  Actively seek new clients and use all means at agent's disposal to procure and attract business for the firm.

►  Content, Copy & Editing: Responsible for brainstorming, creating, and transforming ideas into words for articles, advertisements, publications, and pamphlets. Writes words and text for television commercials, radio, Internet content, jingles, websites, press releases, flyers, and direct mail literature. Determine what makes products appealing to consumers, Develop unique, new concepts, produce effective advertising campaigns. Work with account executives to determine client needs and budget. Work with art directors to create ideas. Write clear and persuasive copy for websites, brochures, ads, and other means of advertising.

Programming & Development focused: Produce and edit code using one or more methods, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AJAX, Bootstrap, Responsive, CSS, jQueryMobile and Parallax Scrolling. Use these methods in conjunction with designers to develop marketable business solutions for clients in accordance with the firm's guidelines and the bounds of the engagements as contracted.  Actively seek new clients and use all means at agent's disposal to procure and attract business for the firm.

Business Accounting & Finance focused: Perform business accounting and financial task including the following methods: QuickBooks® Management, QuickBooks® Setup, Data entry, Accounts receivables and payables, Bank and credit card reconciliation, Monthly & Quarterly p&l, balance sheet, and general ledger, sales tax service, 1099 Service, assistance on-site or offsite (virtual ready), Payroll,Tax, and W2 end of year processing, Establish Bookkeeping Workflow and Budget Forecast.

Standards, Values and Practices of the Firm

Agent will adhere to the Standards, Values and Practices of the Firm.  In the performance of the services agent agrees to:

  • Put the client's interest above their own interest and deliver more value than the client expects
  • Continually work towards building meaningful and lasting relationships with the client
  • Behave as a professional with integrity and ethics
  • Focus on making our clients successful
  • Keep client information confidential
  • Remain independent and provide truthful advice to the client
  • Operate as one firm, giving each other support and coaching

Compensation: Commission and Wage (based on experience and knowledge), bonus and incentive pay based on performance.

Once application has been submitted, interested parties will receive a Consultant Agreement with terms of employment and detailed compensation plan for their review.

Employment Status: Contractual

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How to Apply

Please send a resume (or LinkedIn profile) and/or call to inquire about the position.

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