Disruptive innovation is produced by entrepreneurs.


Advising organizations on high-level decisions in an impartial fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver genuine results.


Ensuring the entire company is aligned and set up to successfully deliver on the company's objectives.


Creating a streamlined process for handling each business task and capturing that method for future use to ensure an improved client experience.


Digital transformation enhances a company's technical performance by analyzing infrastructure and finding gaps in service. Improving a brands digital strategy delivers content, drives sales and increases customer connections, supply chain, and distribution chain.

Corporate Finance

Linking corporate strategy and financial strategy to help organizations create competitive advantages. Allowing the business to generate greater sales or margins and/or retain more customers than its competition.

Customer Strategy & Marketing

Customers are the source of true growth. Jacob Cane & Co combines customer insights with practical expertise in marketing and strategy to help our clients create sustainable, organic growth.

Understand your customers' needs and behaviors by developing customer automation, superior list segmentation, advanced analytics, and measured results. Improved customer experience with radically lower cost while transforming your marketing function.


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