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What, Exactly, Is Business Development? Forbes

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships


Looking at your customers from a business development standpoint starts with asking yourself a series of questions.

  1. How loyal are your customers?
  2. Are you receiving repeat business?
  3. Are you meeting all their needs as a customer?
  4. Could your existing customers be upsold on more services?
  5. How can I expand my customer base in my current market?
  6. Are any of customers acting as a brand evangelist?

We can provide answers to these questions, track sales and develop plans to increase customer retention while getting more out of each customer experience.


Creating an effective growth strategy for your business to expand into new markets requires market research and analysis, strategy and planning. These tasks can become labor intensive and often outside the comfort zone of existing staff.

Our consulting services provide the information you need about a new market when you need it to help you make informed decisions and determine the best use of ad dollars.

Our Analysis, Strategy, Planning and Growth Consulting services were design specifically to help clients with the challenges of expansion.


Business relationships are the glue that holds your customers for you and your brand. Strong relationships create new customers and repeat sales. Many businesses depend on referrals and word-of-mouth to generate new leads, they are often the strongest form of sales because you are coming to the new customer with the referral of someone you trust.

The relationship your business has with your customers, employees, vendors, competitors and the media play a role in the success of any sales efforts. All of these sources put out positive or negative information about your business in the marketplace.

Business relationship questions:

  1. Do customers tell their friends about your business because they love your products and services?
  2. Do your employees tell people they love working for your business?
  3. Do your competitors bad mouth you or tell people you run a respectable operation?
  4. Do your vendors complain about you not paying bills on time?
  5. What type of coverage are you receiving in the local press when your business is mentioned?

All of these questions play a role in determining the image of your company and the difficulty of any business development efforts.

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