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'A Satire of Tulip Mania' by Jan Brueghel, ca. 1640
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Consistency is key

Do you have a well-established messaging development process that everybody follows?

A consistent message is key, most overlook this part when developing a marketing campaign. Once a message is created, what is being done to ensure this message is being effectively conveyed in all media?

"The reason so many business owners fail to effectively use their marketing dollars is that the message and the method are fragmented and scattered." – Jacob Cane

The Solution, we call it - Amplified and Validated Marketing.

Instead of using mixed messages and fragmented campaigns across multiple media outlets, focus and reinforce you message. We purchase radio ads, send out mailers and produced a TV commercial that is all designed and coordinated by the same team, promoting the same message to your target audience. During this same period, your social media pages and website are used to promote the same campaign using the same message with the same branding and custom graphics.

Each time a customer encounters the message it is amplified and validated by the message that has already been encountered through a different media outlet. Each point of contact with the customer becomes more effective and more likely to produce a result.

Amplified and Validated Marketing (AVM) combined with a well-established messaging development process will create lasting and effective marketing campaigns.

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Jacob Cane & Co Consulting as a team


We look at your overall impact on the market from your current branding, message, and marketing campaign. Determine what needs to be developed to increase your market share and brand awareness.

Jacob Cane & Co Consulting as a team


Everyone knows the companies shown to the left (below) and what they stand for without anything being said because they have effectively delivered their brand and message to the marketplace.

Not only do you know the name of the company and what they stand for, but you also know their products and price points. This was done through effective brand management and delivering a message to the marketplace.

We can do the same for your company on a local, regional or national level.

Our team will work on the brand and image of your company to create a consistent theme in all forms of media. When your company is viewed by the public it will be recognized and trusted as a reliable brand.

Brand Creation Brand Management


The message to your customers must be consistent, catchy, and meaningful. It must deliver a feeling about your company, about your products, what your company stands for and a reason that they should call you and not your competitors.

Consumers often want the brands that they buy from to stand for something because consumers want to stand for something. – @jowyang


The brand and message is the package used to deliver your company and products to the customer. It should be delivered using print media, online media, websites, mobile, social media, vehicle wraps, radio, and television and it should all be streamlined, consistent and targeted. There should be a theme and a brand that your customers recognize and trust.

That's just the start. At the end of the day, customers no longer separate marketing from the product—it is the product. They don't separate marketing from their in-store or online experience—it is the experience. In the era of engagement, marketing is the company. We will teach you how to involve the entire company in marketing, but in a way that still has accountability.

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