Your center will be recognized as the gift giver on the Welcome page.

How It Works

Sign up your parents for an email subscription so that they will receive the appropriate publication. Only an email address and a birth date are required.

You will be assigned a unique account ID for your center. This will ensure that your center will be identified as the gift giver.

Your families and staff will have access to the complete Growing Child issue file. The material is copyright protected against change or sale.

The definition of family includes family members that are active in the care of a child including grandparents or other childcare providers.

  • Our Customer Service will assist you in opening an account. The automatic payment is $20.00* each month for centers with 250 (or less) active families at the time of initiating an account. When families no longer use your center, their subscription will continue with no additional charge to you.
  • You may terminate the program at any time and the automatic payment will end. If you choose not to renew, the right to circulate any Growing Child material, including previously copied material, is terminated.

We reserve the right to terminate our service at any time if the general rules are violated.

If you have questions, please call: 1-800-927-7289 or email:

*$20.00 per month covers ALL your families each month; this does not mean per family.

How To Start Your Sponsor Program